Tag: Hydra


  • Viper

    Also known as Madame Hydra, the woman who took control of [[Hydra | HYDRA's]] operations comes from a mysterious background and has managed to keep her identity secret. All anyone knows about her is that she rules HYDRA with an iron fist, and has her eye …

  • Baron Strucker

    A man of towering, heedless ambition, Strucker is the current supreme leader of HYDRA. The insane scientists of HYDRA have armed him with the strength-enhancing Satan Claw and the fearsome Death Spore virus.

  • Grim Reaper

    Eric Williams was the black sheep of his family. He was a vandal and bully in school, and graduated into petty crime. As he got older, he got bolder by joining an organized crime syndicate. But when petty crime didn't satisfy his destructive urges, he …

  • Arnim Zola

    Arnim Zola is the foremost biochemist of HYDRA, hired by the Red Skull during World War II to create living weapons. His original body having died years ago, Zola now inhabits an android body equipped with an "ESP Box", which allows him to mentally …

  • Wonder Man

    Simon Williams was the president and CIO of Williams Industries, a failing tech company competing with Stark Solutions. The company specialized in Ionic Energy generation, but continually failed to produce a workable prototype for mass use. Facing Chapter …

  • Taskmaster

    Anthony Masters possesses "photographic reflexes", allowing him to duplicate any fighting style, acrobatic ability, or other physical motion he observes.

  • Dark Widow

    Trained by the same organization as the real [[:black-widow-2 | Black Widow]], Yelena Belova is nearly her equal in espionage and hand-to-hand combat.