Super Skrull



After the Fantastic Four stopped the Skrulls’ attempted invasion of Earth, the Skrulls invested vast resources into creating a superbeing of their own. Kl’rt, a decorated soldier and warrior of the Skrull empire, was chosen to undergo a process that endowed him with all the powers of the Fantastic Four. When the Super-Skrull first confronted the Fantastic Four, he bested them with their own abilities until Mister Fantastic created a jamming device, depriving the Super-Skrull of his powers.

Escaping, the Super Skrull encountered the Kree starship Hellion, and infiltrated the vessel, stealing the Kree weapon called the Psyche-Magnetron. Pursued to earth by Yon-Rogg, the Super-Skrull battled, and was defeated by,the Avengers.

Super Skrull

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