Avengers No. 6 - City in Scarlet

The Avengers assemble for a debriefing on the incidents at The Cube and in Las Vegas, and realize that the Scarlet Witch is not present. The Wasp quickly realizes that Wanda’s bed has not been slept in, and summons the rest of the team to find her. The Witch’s Avengers Identicard proves non-responsive, but Doctor Strange is able to track her whereabouts through his magics.

Travelling through the city, the team encounters what only Strange can perceive as a veil of mystic force. Strange’s spells enable his teammates to likewise perceive the veil, and passing through it, the Avengers find themselves in a dark, twisted, medieval version of New York. The team realizes that Wanda is currently in or around the Fantastic Four’s headquarters, The Baxter Building.

Thor separates from the group, sensing an opportunity to carouse in a setting more familiar to him, and the other avengers proceed to the Baxter Building. There he team encounters an ensorcelled version of the Fantastic Four, twisted to fit into this dark landscape. Thor returns from his carousing in time to aid his teammates in defeating the FF.
On the roof of the Baxter Building, the team finds The Scarlet Witch encased in a crystalline prison, her powers being siphoned and used by the ancient sorceress Morgan Le Fay to slowly transform the world in her image. During the ensuing battle, Thor is transformed into a frog, but even in that form he proves capable of wielding Mjolnir, and frees the Witch from her prison. Morgan Le Fay is beaten by a blow from Iron Man, his armor’s alloy transformed in this magical world into literal cold iron.

In the aftermath of the battle, the spell broken, nobody but the Avengers seems to have any memory of what has happened. Doctor Strange is visited by the spirit of his mentor, The Ancient One, and tasked with training the Scarlet Witch to better control her chaos powers.



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