Avengers No. 4 - Gamma World, Part One

In the immediate aftermath of their battle with Hydra and A.I.M. forces in the Latverian mountains, the Avengers fly back home aboard their Quinjet. Iron Man demands an explanation for both the Scarlet Witch’s behavior, and the identity of their attackers. Wasp and Doctor Strange both defend the Witch, pointing out that she was being mentally controlled by one of the mysterious interlopers. Thor identifies the pair as Amora the Enchantress, and her Executioner.

Iron Man: “Ex-girlfriend?”
Thor: “Nay. Although not for lack of trying on her part.”

The realization that there are threats from Asgard encroaching on Midgard leads Thor to believe he may need to return back to his home to speak with Odin. The other Avengers offer to travel with him, although the wasp raises the concern of who will protect the earth if the Avengers are gone.

Wasp: “We need some more Avengers.”

Iron Man takes a moment to run through the list of threats facing the Avengers. A.I.M. Hydra. The Enchntress and the Executioner. The mystery of the Breakout event, and the 84 escaped super criminals currently at large.

Wasp: “Yeah. We’re DEFINITELY going to need some more Avengers.”

At that moment, the Quinjet is contacted by S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Clay Quartermain. He alerts the Avengers to a dome of Gamma energy originating from The Cube. The energy is rapidly expanding across the Nevada desert, and mutating any humans who come into contact with it.
The Avengers quickly change course and fly to the Cube. There they are met by Quartermain and Doctor Leonard Samson – formerly the staff psychiatrist at the Cube, now mutated into a gamma-powered strong man. Iron Man cobbles together protective gear from the pieces of Stark technology recovered from Latveria, and the Avengers, plus Doc Samson, enter the dome.

Iron Man: “I cobbled this together from my GARBAGE. What did you do today?”

En route to the Cube, the Avengers encounter the mutated members of a S.H.I.E.L.D. recon team, and quickly defeat them. Doc Samson examines them and announces that they should return to human once they are removed from the Gamma-dome’s influence. Doctor Strange teleports the agents outside of the dome, and the team continues on towards the Cube.

In the bowels of the Cube, the team decides to go directly after the Gamma-generator, theorizing that destroying it will stop the dome’s growth. The Avengers are blocked in their mission by four of the criminals from the dome, Armadillo, Nitro, Zzzax, and the Radioactive Man. The team manages to defeat the four villains, although Nitro escapes custody.

Finally, the Avengers make it through to the Gamma Generator, which they realize is critically close to overload. But their path to the generator is blocked once again, this time by Vector, X-Ray, Ironclad, and Vapor – The U-Foes!



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