Masters of Evil

The Masters of Evil are a team of supervillains apparently recruited and led by The Crimson Cowl, and intended to serve as a foil for the Avengers.

The first public act by the Masters was to attack the Avengers in front of Avengers Mansion during the press conference publically introducing the team of heroes. During the battle, Satana was captured by the Avengers, and Electro was driven off by the surprise appearance of Spider-Man. Whirlwind refused Crimson Cowl’s order to retreat, and was left behind, forced to find his own escape. Teleported across the country and separated from the rest of his team by Thor, Abomination fled into the Nevada desert.

Quickly thereafter, the Masters reappeared, their numbers bolstered by new recruits, and began a campaign of targeted attacks of Stark Solutions properties.

First Incarnation

Second Incarnation

Masters of Evil

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