Avengers Identicard

These credit card-sized gadgets act not only as identification for all Avengers, but as communicators and tracking devices. Designed and manufactured by Stark Solutions, the Avengers identicards will prove to be a valuable resource in the field.

Each card has a flat-screen monitor to send and receive audio and video data. The Identicard can beep like a pager, communicate like a videophone, and record like a mini-recorder; it also has a virtually global range with satellite uplink. As a tracking device, it can be used to locate an Avenger via his or her card’s unique signal.

In addition, it can act as a small computer with a numerical access pad. All by itself, this makes it an overpowered calculator, but with appropriate access codes, it can contact Avengers computers, which can then be operated with voice commands. The identicard also acts as an ignition key for Avengers vehicles and as a key to Avengers bases.

The cards are waterproof and are resistant to pressure.

Avengers Identicard

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