Tag: Brotherhood of Mutants


  • Mystique

    A mutant shapeshifter able to assume any humanoid appearance, Raven Darkholme achieved top-secret Defense Department clearance and used it to steal technology for the use of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. She is also mother to the X-Men's Nightcrawler. …

  • Rogue

    Nearly killing the first boy she kissed, Anna-Marie has always struggled to control her mutant gift. With the ability to absorb powers and memories at a cost, she ran away from home to avoid hurting others. She was taken in by Mystique who became a mother …

  • Avalanche

    Little is known of Dominic Petros' history before [[:magneto-3 | Magneto]] recruited him into the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. As Avalanche, he can generate and control seismic vibrations powerful enough to cause earthquakes and destroy skyscrapers.

  • Toad

    Mutant Mortimer Toynbee grew up in an orphanage where his prehensile tongue and incredible leaping ability set him apart. An outcast, he joined the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

  • Sabretooth

    Victor Creed survived an abusive childhood to become a fearsome CIA assassin in the 1960s. A Weapon X veteran, he became known as Sabretooth, pitting his abilities against the X-Man he most resembles and despises: [[:wolverine-1 | Wolverine]].

  • Quicksilver

    Pietro Maximoff grew up an orphan with his twin sister, [[:scarlet-witch-2 | Scarlet Witch]]. Her wildly unpredictable powers have led Pietro to protect her throughout his life, with the help of his mutant ability of supersonic speed. At times as arrogant …

  • Magneto

    In his boyhood, Magneto survived the horrors of Auschwitz, but the deprivation and sickness he experienced there prevented his mutant powers from manifesting. Later he came to have control over all forms of electromagnetism. Believing that all humans …

  • Scarlet Witch

    An orphan raised with her twin brother [[:quicksilver-1 | Quicksilver]], Wanda Maximoff possesses a unique combination of mutant and magical powers. When persecuted for her probability-changing mutant abilities, the twins sought refuge with the …

  • Blob

    One-time carnival freak Fred Dukes rejected an invitation to join the X-Men and turned instead to crime. Eight feet tall and weighing in at half a ton, the Blob is literally an immovable object. His mass makes him nearly impervious to physical attacks and …

  • Emma Frost

    Born wealthy and privileged, Emma Frost didn't need her mutant powers to succeed in the world, but she still took advantage of them. Her telepathic powers won her an invitation to join [[:magneto-3 | Magneto's]] Brotherhood.

  • Dragoness

    Tamara Kurtz is a citizen of the island nation of Madripoor. Her parents were exposed to the radioactive fallout of Hiroshima, causing her to be born a mutant. Her bio-electric flame projection powers and mechanical wings have made her a key member of the …

  • Vanisher

    Little is known of the Vanisher, including his real name. A member of the Brotherhood of Mutants, he is usually kept in reserve by Magneto, summoned by Emma Frost when the Brotherhood requires a quick escape.