Avengers No. 15 - All Hallows'

In the weeks following the Avengers’ showdown with the Masters of Evil, She-Hulk mounts a legal defense for both Pepper Potts and Simon Williams. With testimony from Whirlwind, Reed Richards, and Leonard Samson, both are acquitted of all charges.

Reed Richards briefs Hank McCoy, Hank Pym, and Tony Stark on the various alien races and laces of interest the Fantastic Four have discovered.

Halloween night arrives, and Thor, Spider-woman, and She-Hulk find themselves in the mansion, assigned the dual roles of monitor duty and handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. Meanwhile, Doctor Strange is attacked in the Sanctum Sanctorum by his archnemesis Baron Mordo, who tells Strange that as Strange gathered allies, so Mordo has, too.

The Avengers in the mansion find themselves under attack by The Night Shift – Jack O’Lantern, Wendigo, Satana, the Brothers Grimm, and Scarecrow. Spider-Woman takes down Jack O’ Lantern in a one-on-one fight, while Thor, dressed as Volstagg for Halloween, engages both Brothers Grimm and the Scarecrow. She-Hulk attempts to get to satana, who is casting a ritual of some sort from a magical scroll, but is blocked by the Wendigo

Just as the Avengers find themselves successful in defeating the Night Shift, Satana’s spell slays her five teammates, using their souls in some sort of summoning. Betrayed, Mordo flees, but doctor Strange can detect that something unspeakably evil has been set loose in New York City.

Avengers No. 14 - Yellowjacket, Part Two

The Avengers face off against the Masters of Evil in A.I.M.‘s volcanic island base. While Iron Man grapples one-on-one with Wonder Man and tries to talk him down, Thor drives Juggernaut into the bowels of the fortress, seeking to bury the brute beneath a mountain of wreckage and rubble. The Wasp knocks out Yellowjacket while Moonstone makes a hasty escape. The Scarlet Witch’s reality control powers cause the Gray Gargoyle to crumble to dust, while a returning Iron Man takes down Nitro and Whiplash. As Doctor Strange incapacitates the Crimson Cowl, Fixer escapes via his jetpack, while the Titanium Man, facing the assembled might of the entire Avengers team, surrenders.

The Wasp discovers a control disc on Hank Pym, explaining his actions as Yellowjacket as being the influence of the supervillain called The Controller. The Crimnson Cowl is unmasked to reveal Pepper Potts, who was being similarly mind-controlled. Both are freed from the Controler’s influence.

The Avengers take a moment to catch their breaths as the A.I.M. personnel still in the base evacuate. This evacuation order, however, activates A.I.M.‘s secret weapon, a weaponized version of Hank Pym’s artificial intelligence, Ultron. Ultron quickly dispatches wonder Man and Pym, before being demolished by Thor, whose enchanted hammer Mjolnir had been boosted with extra power by Doctor Strange.

Iron Man – “They’ve weaponized your Ultron design, Pym!”
Hank Pym – “It’s worse than that. They taught it to HATE.”

Avengers No. 13 - Yellowjacket, Part One

The Avengers move quickly to track the whereabouts of the missing Hank Pym. With Bill Foster and Scott Lang, Pym’s lab assistants, unconscious, the Avengers investigate the security footage from the lab, and discover that Dr. Karla Sofen, the psychiatrist for the Big House, presumed dead, is very much alive, and in league with A.I.M. The footage shows Sofen and A.I.M. kidnapping Pym and Sofen making off with the Kree “moonstone” Pym had been studying.

Working with S.H.I.E.L.D., the Avengers attempt to trace the investments of Roxxon energy, knowing that where A.I.M. goes, Roxxon , and Count Nefaria, are somehow involved. The team discovers the purchase of a small volcanic island, Boca del Diablo, and set off in pursuit of their friend.

As the Avengers approach the island, they are fired upon by anti-aircraft missiles. Iron Man manages to steer the Quinjet away from the attack, while Thor takes the direct approach, plowing straight through the volcano and into the middle of an A.I.M. fortress. With Iron Man’s assistance, the Odinson lays wate to the waves of A.I.M. troops who rush to meet their incursion. But as the rest of the team joins them, the Avengers are subjected to a rude surprise, Karla Sofen, having taken on the powers and identity of Moonstone, and Hank Pym, dressed in A.I.M. colors, and calling himself Yellowjacket. The pair is quickly backed up by The Crimson Cowl, Titanium Man, Whiplash, Wonder Man, Nitro, Fixer, Juggernaut, and Grey Gargoyle – THE MASTERS OF EVIL!

Avengers No. 12 - The Man Who Fell to Earth

Still reeling from their encounter with Kang, the original Avengers take the opportunity to grab some much needed R&R. While Spider-Woman and She-Hulk are in Boston, tracking the super-powered mercenary called Machete, the rest of the team takes the Quinjet to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, where Thor’s friends Dr. Jane Foster and Dr. Eric Selvig are part of the initial launch of a new, NASA-sponsored, state-of-the-art space observatory.

Arriving on site, the Avengers meet Thor’s friends, as well as their colleague Dr. Phil Lawson, and base security chief, Air Force Colonel Carol Danvers. After a delicious meal (provided magically by Doctor Strange), and several hours of camaraderie and laughter, an alarm let the scientists know that there were two unidentified flying objects approaching the Earth, and that their movement patterns suggested they were NOT space debris.

Thor and Iron Man moved immediately into space to confront these UFOs, which were revealed to be alien craft. One of the craft disabled the other with blasts of energy, sending the injured ship plummeting towards the observatory area, and leaving Iron Man to swiftly gather the debris before it could damage anything on earth. Thor partially disabled the other ship with an electrical field, but was unable to prevent it from landing.

Doctor Strange teleported himself, Wasp, Dr. Selvig, and Carol Danvers to the crash site, where they were able to witness the second craft land and the pilot disembark. He identified himself as Yon-Rogg of the Kree, and dismissed the earth heroes as being between him and his quarry, a “Skrull”. HE then unleashed a giant robotic war machine on the group, which he identified as a “Sentry”.

In the observatory, Scarlet Witch, guarding the other scientists, was surprised at the return of Carol Danvers, and even further surprised when “Colonel Danvers” was revealed to be a shape-shifting alien – a Skrull. Furthermore, this Skrull had the powers of the entire Fantastic Four, and began to attack.

While Thor engaged the Sentry, the rest of the team returned to the observatory with Colonel Danvers in pursuit of Yon-Rogg. There they found themselves in a battle between the Kree and the Skrull. Facing defeat, the Super-Skrull hurled a stolen Kree weapon towards Jane Foster. Carol Danvers intercepted the weapon, throwing herself on it like a grenade. Phil Lawson rushed to aid her, and both were caught in the blast if the weapon exploding. In the aftermath, Colonel Damvers was left in a coma, and “Philip Lawson” was revealed as a Kree infiltrator named Mar-Vell.

With Mar-Vell’s help, Yon-Rogg was defeated, and the Sentry deactivated. Mar-Vell explained to the Avengers that the Kree and the Skrull were ancient races that had been at war for millennia, and that Earth was a strategic position for both empires. Mar-Vell had been assigned to Earth to assess the genetic potential of the population for colonization and experimentation, but had grown fond of Earth and its people, and had been giving false information to the Kree leader, the Supreme Intelligence. Now, with Yon-Rogg and the Sentry both transmitting data about Earth’s super-heroes, Mar-Vell had no choice but to return to the Kree, and attempt to plead a case for non-aggression.

While the rest of the Avengers called in a S.H.I.E.L.D. clean-up crew to deal with the alien wreckage and secure the facility, Doctor Strange and the Wasp teleported Carol Danvers back to New York for medical attention. Fearing genetic damage from the Kree weapon, they sough out Henry Pym for aid, only to find Pym gone, his lab ransacked, and his lab assistants unconscious. They quickly gathered the inured assistants and then sought out Doctor Henry McCoy, the Beast, bringing the Doctor and the three injured to a nearby medical facility.

Avengers No. 11 - Days of Future Past

The Avengers gather in their war room to discuss the Brotherhood’s attack. The Scarlet Witch reveals her secret to the team, that she is Magneto’s daughter. Expecting some rejection, she is shocked when all of the members of them team come out in support of her, even the mysterious Spider-Woman.

The meeting is interrupted by an Avengers alert: A giant floating citadel of some sort has appeared over New York City, encasing Manhattan in a field of pure chronal energy. Heedless of danger (and strategy), Thor immediately teleports himself outside to meet the vessel, and is met in flight by suddenly appearing organic flying craft and Sentinels.

As Thor battles the obstacles between him and the citadel, iron Man is contacted by Maria Hill, who has assumed command of S.H.I.E.L.D. on the scene. She demands that Thor abandon his attack at once so that a proper strategy can be formulated.

The Avengers reconvene in the war room under the command of Maria Hill. Hill and Agent Phil Coulson have also gathered the Fantastic Four, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Giant-Man, and the Beast. As they puzzle over the nature of the chronal field, Kang appears on all of the projection screens in the city, announcing his intention to erase New York from all of time in one hour.

With the other heroes spreading through the city to maintain order, and to distract Kang from the frontal assault, Doctor Strange manages to teleport the Avengers onto Kang’s vessel. The wasp scouts ahead for Kang, and discovers him attempting to harness the energy of a strange orange gem. Kang discovers her, and imprisons her in a stasis bubble before she can escape. He then draws through time, pulling a team of Avengers from some possible future, and setting them upon the Avengers of the here and now.

The future team is led by a mutant named Havok, who bears a strong resemblance to X-Men leader Cyclops. He leads a red Hulk, a man draped in the Cloak of Levitation and wielding the Eye of Agamatto called Doctor Voodoo, a version of Spider-Man answering to “Venom”, a warrior woman named Thundra, Iron Woman, who wears a Stark Tech suit and claims Tony Stark is her husband, and a young woman using the name Black Widow, who believes Spider-Woman is her mother. Recognizing some possible faces, the Avengers of the present attempt to negotiate with the future team, only to be accused of being “Skrulls” and attacked.

Future avengers

The Avengers find themselves almost overpowered by the attack of these future warriors, until Thor manages to show them a scrying image of Kang. The future Avengers end their attack, warning them that they must stop Kang and keep him from using the gem, which they identify as “The Time Gem”.

The Avengers of today strike Kang as a team, realizing quickly that this Kang was the veteran of a hundred clashes with the Avengers, and that he was desperate for a victory. All seemed lost until the Scarlet Witch used her chaos powers to erase the Time Gem from existence, and with it, apparently Kang himself.

Avengers No. 10 - Brotherhood

The Avengers are scattered around the city, enjoying some down time, when a coordinated attack by the Brotherhood of Mutants takes the team off guard. Dragoness attacks She-Hulk in Times Square; Avalanche and the Blob attack the Mansion, where only Spider-Woman is present; Thor is accosted by Rogue, who drains part of his powers and then engages him in battle; Wasp is targeted in her penthouse apartment by Sabretooth, who brutally mauls Hank Pym before declaring his intention to kill Janet as well; Tony Stark is stunned and incapacitated in his office by Mystique; And in the Sanctum Sanctorum, where Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch continue her studies, Magneto himself stages a strike, accompanied by the Toad and Emma Frost.

Thor and She-Hulk engage in pitched battles with no clear victor, while Stark is stunned and cannot prevent Mystique from using his computer systems to download information about S.H.I.E.L.D. In her penthouse, The Wasp manages to defend herself from the feral Sabretooth, eventually blasting him through the window and down to the street dozens of stories below.

While Frost and Toad occupy Strange, Magneto confronts the Scarlet Witch, revealing that he knows about her discovery that he is her father. He demands that she return to the Brotherhood, lest she be counted amongst the humans Magneto has sworn to destroy. The Witch battles her father to a standstill, using a Mystic focus provided by Strange as a conduit for her chaos powers. In his defeat, Magneto offers Wanda one last chance to join him, but she refuses, choosing to stand with the Avengers as a defender of humanity. The Vanisher appears and retrieves the Brotherhood from their various strike targets, leaving all of the Avengers save Doctor Strange puzzled as to why the Brotherhood would choose to attack them.

Tony Stark realizes that all of the Brotherhood members were leaving behind traces of a strange chemical component, one that had a unique energy signature he had never encountered before, but unfortunately, not one that he could effectively track.

Avengers No. 9 - Everything is Wonderful

While She-Hulk and the Scarlet Witch pursue a lead placing Electro in Boca Raton, and Spider-Woman uses her S.H.I.E.L.D. contacts to attempt to track down Whirlwind, Tony Stark finds himself plagued with a series of attacks on his corporate properties by the Masters of Evil. The Crimson Cowl has augmented her team, recruiting the Fixer, Nitro, Grey Gargoyle, and the Titanium Man to join her, Juggernaut, and Whiplash. As Iron Man surveys the demolished wreckage of what was once a Chicago factory for Stark Solutions, he is alerted by JARVIS to an energy discharge coming from the closed factory of Williams Innovations.

Assembling the Avengers, Iron Man responds to the disturbance, and finds that Williams’ signature Ionic reactor is being used by A.I.M. scientists led by MODOK, and accompanied by the Grim Reaper. As the Avengers leap into battle the Ionic Reactor explodes, revealing the energy-soaked form of Simon Williams, now calling himself Wonder Man, and eager to dole out damage to Stark in exchange for his perceived betrayal. The Wasp and Doctor Strange manage to incapacitate MODOK, while Thor battles the Reaper. Through the combined efforts of the Wasp and Iron Man, Wonder Man is talked down, ceasing his attack. But before any of the Avengers could further speak to him, the Grim Reaper called in an extraction, in the form of the Crimson Cowl, who teleported MODOK, the Reaper, and Wonder Man away. In the aftermath of the fight, the Avengers realize that not only is HYDRA clearly working with A.I.M. but the Masters of Evil seem to be affiliated with A.I.M. as well.

Spider-Woman’s contacts help identify the Grim Reaper as Simon Williams’ brother Eric, a possible explanation for why a decent man like Simon would find himself working with such villains.

Avengers No. 8 - Meet the Press

The Avengers prepare for the press conference that will announce their presence and their mission to the world. Iron Man is disturbed to find that Pepper Potts has taken an open-ended vacation from her position at Stark Solutions, leaving him to cover her responsibilities as well as his own. He is visited by Nick Fury, who suggests that, along with She-Hulk (whose membership had already been approved on the Wasp’s recommendation), The Avengers also consider admitting Spider-Woman as a member thereby solidifying the relationship between S.H.I.E.L.D. and the team.

The Avengers gather the next morning on the lawn of Avengers mansion, before an assemblage of reporters. Fielding questions, some hostile, the Avengers acquit themselves well in the press conference before Iron Man is confronted by a furious Simon Williams, accusing Stark of lying to him about the fate of Williams Innovations. According to Simon, Stark closed the company, and fired all of its employees! Before Tony can answer for himself and deny these claims, the gathering is suddenly interrupted by a band of super-villains teleporting into the crowd.

Calling themselves The Masters of Evil, and led by a mysterious woman called The Crimson Cowl, the band of villains include Iron Man’s enemy Whiplash, The Wasp’s nemesis Whirlwind, Electro, The Abomination, and two villains the heroes have never encountered – The unstoppable Juggernaut, and the sorcerous half-demon Satana.

Thinking quickly, Doctor Strange teleports the majority of the assembled press corps into the mansion, trusting JARVIS’ security measures to protect them. The battle was quickly joined by The Amazing Spider-Man (who had been atendiong the press conference in his secret identity of Peter Parker). Doctor Strange managed to defeat Satana, and Thor teleported himself and the Abomination to Nevada, where he fought the gamma-beast to a standstill. Frustrated by the appearance of Spider-Man, Electro made his escape. The Crimson Cowl called a retreat, but Whirlwind refused to acknowledge her order, being left behind to face the Avengers alone. Discretion being the better part of valor, Whirlwind quickly realized his error, and fled.

The Avengers were left with one captive trapped in a pocket holding dimension, and a nagging question – The Crimson Cowl had obviously assembled a hand-picked team to attack them, but had not accounted for Spider-Woman’s presence. How had the Cowl known that She-Hulk would be joining the team, and not known that Spider-Woman would join as well?

Avengers No. 7 - The Man Who Killed Tomorrow

Janet Van Dyne waits impatiently as Henry Pym completes his latest research task. They are extremely late to a black tie fundraiser and lecture by noted geneticist Moira McTaggert. While Hank busies himself getting ready, the couple begins to argue about Jan’s activities in the Avengers, activities Hank is just now discovering.

At the Black Tie gala, Tony Stark and his date Pepper Potts, meet Professor Charles Xavier, himself a world-renowned geneticist and expert on mutation. Xavier is accompanied by two of the graduate assistants from his school for gifted youngsters, Scott Summers, and Jean Grey, as well as one of his youngest students, Kitty Pryde. Pryde charms Tony with her excessive knowledge of his Arc reactor technology, and Stark agrees to arrange a tour for her of Stark Tower.

Pepper leaves to get the pair another drink, and Tony is confronted by Simon Williams, whose Williams Industries has just been purchased by Stark Solutions. Williams begs Stark for assurance that none of his staff will be fired, and Stark gives his word of honor.
In Central Park, Thor escorts Jane Foster on a late night walk. Foster attempts to explain the concept of “muggers” to the Odinson, finally settling on “brigands”, a term that only invites Thor to welcome battle. Jane informs Thor that she will be missing the press conference officially announcing the Avengers to the world, as she will be In New Hampshire with her mentor, Doctor Erik Selvig, working on a new state of the art observatory. Their walk is interrupted by a disturbance in the trees nearby, which turns out to be not brigands, but a fully-grown Tyrannosaurus Rex!

In the Sanctum Sanctorum, Doctor Strange is beginning the Scarlet Witch’s arcane training. As Strange’s manservant Wong looks on, they begin with deep meditation, attempting to teach the Witch to control the chaos forces at her control. They receive an Avengers emergency call informing them that Sentinels have appeared in Times Square and are attacking everyone visible in their hunt for mutants.

Janet and Hank’s discussion is similarly interrupted, by the appearance of World War One biplanes dogfighting over the campus of Empire State University. Hank transforms into Giant-Man and pursues the planes, but Janet is distracted from screams from the student quad, where she finds a giant, insectoid alien attacking anyone it sees!

Back at the gala, Tony Stark is approached by Whitney Frost, who offers to purchase Williams Industries on behalf of Roxxon Energy. When Stark refuses, Frost makes a different proposition, one that involves Tony spending the night with her. Pepper, observing this interaction, becomes furious with Tony and storms out of the party. Tony’s pursuit is interrupted by a call from Stark Tower. A mysterious individual informs Stark that if he does not go to the tower immediately, a group of hostages will be executed. Donning his armor, Tony regretfully sends his chauffer and body-man, Happy Hogan, after Pepper, and makes his way to Stark Tower, where he is met by a stranger who identifies himself as Kang the Conquerer.

Kang informs Stark that he has travelled from the 42nd century to execute Stark before Stark can unleash the Singularity, a self-aware artificial intelligence that will eventually destroy the world. It is Kang’s arrival in the present that has caused the chronal rifts causing the other avengers’ current predicaments. Refusing to simply lay down and die on Kang’s say-so, Iron Man engages the stranger in battle.

The Avengers take on their time-displaced foes while coordinating via their Identicards. Strange manages to subdue both Sentinels by encasing them in icy prisons. He teleports The Witch to Stark Tower to aid Iron Man. Simultaneously, he issues a telepathic summons to ‘call in a favor”. That favor turns out to be Luke Cage, the Hero for Hire, who appears on the ESU campus and aids the Wasp in defeating the alien predator. At the same time, Giant-Man manages to scoop the bi-planes from the air.

Thor bests the Tyrannosaurus, and bridles it, claiming the beast as his mount. The Avengers converge on Stark Tower, where Kang has battered Iron Man almost to death, and has temporarily depowered the Scarlet Witch with a 42nd Century weapon. The combined might of the heroes proves ineffective against Kang, as the madman transports them into the ruined wasteland of his future. There, he manages to finally defeat Iron Man and prepares to kill him.

The Avengers blink, and are surprised to find Iron Man still alive. Kang angrily informs them that he just executed Stark, but nothing in his future changed, leading him to determine that his calculations where wrong and Stark was not the cause of the Singularity. He then snatched Stark from the instant immediately before he was killed, effectively resurrecting him.
Swearing that he will restore his future even if he must conquer our present, Kang returns the Avengers to present day.

Iron Man offers Giant-Man membership in the Avengers, but Pym declines, saying that he respects what the team is doing, but believes he can be of more use to the world as a scientist than as a super-hero.

Avengers No. 6 - City in Scarlet

The Avengers assemble for a debriefing on the incidents at The Cube and in Las Vegas, and realize that the Scarlet Witch is not present. The Wasp quickly realizes that Wanda’s bed has not been slept in, and summons the rest of the team to find her. The Witch’s Avengers Identicard proves non-responsive, but Doctor Strange is able to track her whereabouts through his magics.

Travelling through the city, the team encounters what only Strange can perceive as a veil of mystic force. Strange’s spells enable his teammates to likewise perceive the veil, and passing through it, the Avengers find themselves in a dark, twisted, medieval version of New York. The team realizes that Wanda is currently in or around the Fantastic Four’s headquarters, The Baxter Building.

Thor separates from the group, sensing an opportunity to carouse in a setting more familiar to him, and the other avengers proceed to the Baxter Building. There he team encounters an ensorcelled version of the Fantastic Four, twisted to fit into this dark landscape. Thor returns from his carousing in time to aid his teammates in defeating the FF.
On the roof of the Baxter Building, the team finds The Scarlet Witch encased in a crystalline prison, her powers being siphoned and used by the ancient sorceress Morgan Le Fay to slowly transform the world in her image. During the ensuing battle, Thor is transformed into a frog, but even in that form he proves capable of wielding Mjolnir, and frees the Witch from her prison. Morgan Le Fay is beaten by a blow from Iron Man, his armor’s alloy transformed in this magical world into literal cold iron.

In the aftermath of the battle, the spell broken, nobody but the Avengers seems to have any memory of what has happened. Doctor Strange is visited by the spirit of his mentor, The Ancient One, and tasked with training the Scarlet Witch to better control her chaos powers.


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