Wonder Man

Simon Williams


Simon Williams was the president and CIO of Williams Industries, a failing tech company competing with Stark Solutions. The company specialized in Ionic Energy generation, but continually failed to produce a workable prototype for mass use. Facing Chapter 11, Williams was forced to sell the company to Stark, who assured Simon that no one, including Williams himself, would be fired.

Disobeying Starks’ orders, Pepper Potts conducted a mass dismissal of all of Williams Industries’ employees, and shut down the company. Enraged, Williams confronted Stark at an Avengers’ press conference.

Convinced by his brother, Eric, to seek revenge against Stark, Simon allowed MODOK and A.I.M. to experiment upon him using the Ionic Reactor. The experiments succeeded beyond MODOK’s wildest dreams, transforming Simon into a being of superhuman strength and durability.

Confronting the Avengers alongside the Grim Reaper and MODOK, Simon was talked down from further aggression by Iron Man and the Wasp, but was then rescued from the scene by the Crimson Cowl before the Avengers could take him into custody.

Wonder Man

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