David Cannon


David Cannon was born a mutant with the ability to move his body at great speeds. As a child, he learned that he never became dizzy, and could make himself nearly untouchable by spinning in a tight circle like a top. He used his natural abilities first as a bully, and during his teens, as a petty criminal. As n adult, Cannon decided to use his talent for crime flamboyantly. Designing himself a costume, Cannon dubbed himself Whirlwind and embarked upon a series of heists of jewelry and department stores. Giant-Man read of the Whirlwind’s exploits and decided to bring him to justice with the aid of his partner, the Wasp.

Whirlwind was one of the escapees from The Big House. He was soon recruited into The Crimson Cowl’s first incarnation of The Masters of Evil. Joining the Masters’ attack against the Avengers, Whirlwind was left behind in the Masters’ retreat, forced to make his own getaway.


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