Emil Blonsky


Emil Blonsky, spy for Eastern bloc interests, discovered gamma-ray equipment that Bruce Banner was going to use to kill himself. Instead Blonsky used the equipment to become the Abomination, a green-skinned monstrosity nearly as powerful at the Hulk himself.

Blonsky was one of the prisoners kept in captivity in The Cube. When the breakout event freed all of the Cube’s prisoners, he found himself working as muscle for The Leader, in the latter’s plan to transform all of humanity into Gamma creatures. Battling the Avengers and The Hulk, Abomination found himself hurled into the Las Vegas desert.

He was soon recruited by The Crimson Cowl to join her Masters of Evil. During their initial battle with the Avengers, Thor transported Abomination into the Nevada desert, where the two went blow for blow until the Abomination opted for escape, leaping away into the desert.


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