Avengers No. 24 - Vision of the Future, Man of the Past

While the other Avengers are working alongside the X-Men to defeat the Brotherhood of Mutants, Thor, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Woman are called to Empire State University, where the Wrecking Crew has locked down one wing of the school, and taken Jane Foster hostage, in an attempt to get Thor’s attention. The Crew seems to be magically enhanced, and nearly beat Thor to death before they are interrupted by a mysterious red-skinned being, calling himself “My creator’s Vision of the future.” The “Vision” proceeds to aid the Avengers in their fight, revealing to them that the Enchantress is behind the attack, and has mystically boosted the Wrecking Crew’s abilities. With the help of their new ally, the team defeats the Enchantress and the crew, who escape.

The Vision tells the Avengers that he knows he is the creation of Professor Phineas Horton, an expert in robotics and a peer of Tony Stark’s father. The synthezoid claims to have no memories prior to a day previous, but feels compelled to defend humanity and believes that he can do so as an Avenger. The team tentatively grants him membership, but before they can regroup, they are called in by S.H.I.E.L.D. to aid Agent 19, aka Mockingbird, as she attempts to foil an AIM excavation project in the Arctic. The Avengers and Mockingbird defeat a squad of AIM soldier-scientists, as well as AIM field leader Superia and her trio of ‘Avenger-Buster” power armors. The AIM team flees, having found something in their dig. But the Avengers find a more interesting discovery – The cryogenically frozen body of Captain America!



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