Avengers No. 23 - Evolve or Die, Part Two

Cyclops leads a team consisting of She-Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Shadowcat, and Hawkeye in a raid on Magneto’s asteroid headquarters. In a fierce fight against Quicksilver, Dragoness, Emma Frost, Toad, and Magneto himself, the Avengers and X-Men manage to take down the Brotherhood, but realize that in doing so they have sent Asteroid M into a plummet towards the earth. Only Magnetos powers can steer the crashing satellite away from populated areas. As he is unwilling to see his children perish alongside himself, Magneto commands Quicksilver to surrender, and allows Cyclops to take the Brotherhood prisoner and escape aboard the X-Men’s Blackbird. The satellite burns through the Earth’s atmosphere, and crashes into the Indian Ocean, evidently killing Magneto.



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