Avengers No. 2 - A Day Unlike Any Other, Part Two

Iron Man jets through the sky, attempting to distract the super villain who has just destroyed the Raft, while still staying out of his clutches. J.A.R.V.I.S. reports that the gravitational fields around the armor are increasing exponentially, and suddenly Iron Man is slammed to the ground, making a huge crater. The super villain identifies himself as “Graviton”, and begins to lift the entire island of Manhattan out of the water in a show of his power.

Nearby, Thor sees Iron Man crash, and witnesses Graviton’s powers affecting the city. Allowing the Wrecking Crew to escape, Thor flies off to stop the madman.

In another part of the city, the Scarlet Witch faces the stranger in the hooded sweatshirt who has aided her in defeating Electro. The figure pulls back the hood to reveal a beautiful red haired woman. “Wanda, my name isNatasha Romanoff. I work forNick Fury. Do you know who that is?”


“Do you know what S.H.I.E.L.D. is?”

“They’re the ones who send the robots to kill us.”

“There are no Sentinels here. It’s just you and me. Why did you attack this man?”

“He was hurting these people.”

“The Brotherhood has hurt people before.”

“I’m not part of that anymore. I just want to be left alone.”

“That’s not an option, Wanda. But you may be able to do some good, if you’re willing.”

Aboard the Helicarrier, Doctor Strange and the Wasp finish subduing Mandrill and Vermin. Alerted to the threat of Graviton byMaria Hill, Strange teleports himself and the Wasp to the scene of the battle. Nick Fury appears before Graviton, and attempts to talk him down. Graviton, enraged, scoops fury up and crushes him to a pulp, revealing that it was not the real Fury, but a Life Model Decoy.

Thor hurls his hammer and attempts to batter Graviton, but the villain deflects the brunt of the blow with his powers. Doctor Strange attempts a bubble of anti-gravity around Graviton, but is momentarily dazed when the villain’s powers overload Strange’s attempts to contain them. The Wasp tries to distract Graviton but is brushed aside by a flick of his wrist.
Arriving on the scene, the Scarlet Witch attempts to determine who is the villain. Iron Man convinces her that it is Graviton, and she uses her hex blast to cause his powers to temporarily overload, pulling dozens of shipping containers towards him in a smashing, clattering, landslide. Capitalizing on this, Iron Man rockets towards Graviton, slamming him with yet another shipping container. Thor calls a powerful Lightning storm that electrifies the metal around the villain, while Doctor Strange uses Thor’s Asgardian enchanted hammer to augment his own magics, and collapses the mass of electrified metal into a cocoon. The Wasp delivers the coup de grace, zapping Graviton with a bio-shock that knocks him unconscious, causing Manhattan to splash back into the water, and Graviton to plummet helplessly into the ground like a dart.

In the aftermath of the battle, the assembled heroes learn from Nick Fury that there have been Breakouts at all four of the supervillain containment facilities, and decide to band together to track down the escapees, and the parties responsible. Fury inadvertently gives them their name – The Avengers.

The team settles into their new headquarters, Avengers Mansion, and meets with their S.H.I.E.L.D. liason officer, Phil Coulson, who briefs them on the escapes, and the activities of Hydra and A.I.M. as the meeting ends, the team is surprised by a visit from The Warriors Three, who inform Thor that the Odinsleep is upon his father, and that Thor is being asked to return to Asgard immediately.



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