Avengers No. 16 - Panther's Quest

While Doctor Strange conducts several rituals designed to pinpoint the location of the force summoned by Satana, and Thor experiences the boredom and frustration of monitor duty, Wasp, Scarlet Witch, and She-Hulk spar in the Avengers’ training room. Their exercise is interrupted by the appearance of a shadowy figure in black, who silently challenges them to combat. The mystery man manages to easily avoid the attacks of the Avengers before being startled and momentarily dazed by the arrival of Doctor Strange and Thor.

The figure ends the combat and introduces himself as T’Challa, the Prince of Wakanda. He has come to the United States to seek the Avengers’ help. He tells the team of his rival, The Man-Ape, who murdered T’Challa’s father and has taken over Wakanda, with the help of Hydra and a corrupt explorer named Ulysses Klaw. The Man-Ape is allowing Hydra to take Vibranium from Wakanda, a dangerous proposition for the rest of the world. The Avengers agree to aid T’Challa in his quest.

Doctor Strange teleports the group to Wakanda, where they are set upon by Wakandan soldiers. The Scarlet Witch easily incapacitates the soldiers, and the team splits up into two groups. Wasp, She-Hulk, an Scarlet Witch make their way to the Vibranium mines, where they confront Hydra agents led by the Grim Reaper and Ulysses Klaw. Meanwhile Thor and Doctor Strange accompany T’Challa to the Coliseum of the Panther, where they fight their way through elite Wakanda guards and then engage the Dora Milaje, the bodyguards of the king. T’Challa challenges the Man-Ape to one-on-one combat for the right to rule, and manages to defeat him in a narrow victory. T’Challa is named Black Panther, and king of Wakanda.

In the Vibranium mines, the other Avengers handily thrash Hydra. The Grim Reaper is finally captured, and the Scarlet Witch’s hexes transform Klaw into pure sound waves, at which point he is absorbed by the sonic converter he wields.

T’Challa turns the rule of Wakanda over to the Council of Elders, and announces that he will travel to America and fight for Wakanda and the world as an Avenger. He will furthermore attempt to integrate Wakanda more fully into the world, and end their isolationism.



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