Avengers No. 11 - Days of Future Past

The Avengers gather in their war room to discuss the Brotherhood’s attack. The Scarlet Witch reveals her secret to the team, that she is Magneto’s daughter. Expecting some rejection, she is shocked when all of the members of them team come out in support of her, even the mysterious Spider-Woman.

The meeting is interrupted by an Avengers alert: A giant floating citadel of some sort has appeared over New York City, encasing Manhattan in a field of pure chronal energy. Heedless of danger (and strategy), Thor immediately teleports himself outside to meet the vessel, and is met in flight by suddenly appearing organic flying craft and Sentinels.

As Thor battles the obstacles between him and the citadel, iron Man is contacted by Maria Hill, who has assumed command of S.H.I.E.L.D. on the scene. She demands that Thor abandon his attack at once so that a proper strategy can be formulated.

The Avengers reconvene in the war room under the command of Maria Hill. Hill and Agent Phil Coulson have also gathered the Fantastic Four, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Giant-Man, and the Beast. As they puzzle over the nature of the chronal field, Kang appears on all of the projection screens in the city, announcing his intention to erase New York from all of time in one hour.

With the other heroes spreading through the city to maintain order, and to distract Kang from the frontal assault, Doctor Strange manages to teleport the Avengers onto Kang’s vessel. The wasp scouts ahead for Kang, and discovers him attempting to harness the energy of a strange orange gem. Kang discovers her, and imprisons her in a stasis bubble before she can escape. He then draws through time, pulling a team of Avengers from some possible future, and setting them upon the Avengers of the here and now.

The future team is led by a mutant named Havok, who bears a strong resemblance to X-Men leader Cyclops. He leads a red Hulk, a man draped in the Cloak of Levitation and wielding the Eye of Agamatto called Doctor Voodoo, a version of Spider-Man answering to “Venom”, a warrior woman named Thundra, Iron Woman, who wears a Stark Tech suit and claims Tony Stark is her husband, and a young woman using the name Black Widow, who believes Spider-Woman is her mother. Recognizing some possible faces, the Avengers of the present attempt to negotiate with the future team, only to be accused of being “Skrulls” and attacked.

Future avengers

The Avengers find themselves almost overpowered by the attack of these future warriors, until Thor manages to show them a scrying image of Kang. The future Avengers end their attack, warning them that they must stop Kang and keep him from using the gem, which they identify as “The Time Gem”.

The Avengers of today strike Kang as a team, realizing quickly that this Kang was the veteran of a hundred clashes with the Avengers, and that he was desperate for a victory. All seemed lost until the Scarlet Witch used her chaos powers to erase the Time Gem from existence, and with it, apparently Kang himself.



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